Pakistan International School, English Section, Riyadh

Academic Calendar Session 2013-14

Month Date Day Programme
Aug. 2013 25 Sun. Staff returns to school  
Sep,2013 1 Sun. School reopens for Students 
1-2 Sun. Mon. Make up Exam (For session 2012-13)
16 Mon. Prize Distribution JW
17 Tues. Prize Distribution GWE 
18 Wed.  Prize Distribution GW
23 Mon. Saudi National Day (Monday)School Remains Closed 
24 Tues. Saudi National Day Celebrations (All wings)             
26 Thurs. Prize Distribution BW
Oct, 2013 7-10 Mon.-Thurs. Fun Learning Day JW 
13-24 Sun.-Thurs. Hajj Break (Oct.13,2013 Sunday) – (Oct. 24,2013 Thursday)
27 Sun. School Reopens After Hajj Break
28 Mon. Quran Recitation Competition + Display of Islamiyat Projects (BW)
29 Tues. Quran Recitation Competition + Display of Islamiyat Projects (GW & GWE)
Gr. 4 to 9
31 Thur. Eid Party (All wings)
Nov, 2013 6-13 Wed-Wed First Assessment All Wings (ICT and Quran)
14-28 Thurs.-Thurs. First Assessment  All Wings Grade 1-to-A2
25-28 Mon.-Thurs. Field Trip (JW)

Result 1st Assessment All Wings
PTM All Wings (3pm-7pm) & Art Exhibition -All Wings
8-10 Sun.- Tues. English Debates (GW &GWE)
12 Thurs. English Debates BW 
15-17 Sun. - Tues. Urdu Debates (GW & GWE)
18 Wed.  Urdu Debates BW 
25 Wed Quaid’s Day Celebrations  All Wings
24-01 Tues.-Wed. First Term Exam All Wings  (ICT and Quran)
Jan, 2014 02-16 Thurs.-Thurs. First Term Exam All Wings   Grade 1-to-A2
19-30 Sun.-Thurs. (First Term Break)
Feb, 2014 2 Sun. School reopens for 2nd Term  
6 Thurs. Result First Term Exam All Wings
9-13 Sun.-Thurs. Elocution JW /Field Trip (GWE, GW & BW)
19- 20 Wed-Thurs Sports Day (GW)  
28 Fri. Sports Day (GWE)  
March, 2014 1 Sat. Sports Day (BW)  
7 Fri  Sports Day TW
8 Sat Sports Day JW
23 Sun.  Pakistan National Day (23 Sunday)School Remains Closed
24 Mon.  Pakistan Day Celebrations (All Wings)
 Social Studies Projects' Display (Gr: 4 to 9) BW, GWE & GW
  26 -02 Wed-Wed Second Assessment All Wings (ICT and Quran)

April, 2014
03-17 Thurs.-Thurs. Second Assessment  All Wings Grade 1-to-9
06-10 Sun.-Thurs.  O'Level Mock
13-17 Sun.-Thurs. A'Level Mock
13-17 Sun.-Thurs.  Field Trip JW
24 Thurs. Second Assessment Results All Wings + O' and A'Level Mock Results + Display of Science Projects (Gr. 4 to 9) BW, GWE & GW
25 Fri.  PTM All Wings  (3pm-to-7pm)
27-01 Sun.-Thurs. Mid-Term Break

May, 2014
4 Sun. School reopens
13 Tues.  KG Graduation Ceremony
15 Thurs. End of Term Party (All Wings)
22 Thurs. School closes for Nursery, Reception & KG
19-26 Mon. - Mon. Final Term Exams All Wings (ICT and Quran)
May 27-June 12 Tues-Thurs. Final Term Exams Grade 9 GW & BW
May 29-
June 12
Thurs.-Thurs. Final Term Exams All Wings Grade 1-to- Grade 8
June, 2014
19 Thurs. Result Day All Wings
22 Sun. School Closes for Summer Vacation for Teachers
July, 2014 3 Thurs. School Closed for Admin. Staff
24 Sun. Staff returns to school 
31 Sun. School reopens for Session 2014-15
Sep,2014 1-2 Mon.Tues. Make up Exam (For Session 2013-2014)
Quiz Competition, Seerat Conference, Farewell and Graduation Ceremony, Bake Sale, Spelling Bee and Creative Writing Competitions in Urdu and English will be held in all wings as per the respective Wing Coordinator's convenience