Sadaf Manan Waheed

Sadaf_Manan_WaheedSyracuse University, New York

Excited, motivated and energized is the way I feel about sharing my experiences that helped me transition from school to the real world. I graduated from PISES Riyadh in June 2006 and had .........

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Hira Khawaja

hira khawaja(University of Liverpool)

My time at PISES... Joining the school in 1998, I initially feared that getting accustomed to the school rules and regulations would be a major hurdle, and that coming from England would mean ...............      

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Ali Faizan Kazmi

Ali_faizan_kazmiI studied in PISES from Grade 7 to A2, and it would be fair to say that I benefited throughout that time - both academically and professionally. At PISES, I was provided with a wealth of extra-curricular activities and a considerably qualified.....


Somira Soomro

somira_soomroGIS Div. Manager, e-Solutions  Whatever I am today by the grace of God, is because of Pakistan International School English Section (PISES). I was amongst the first few students who joined PISES when it opened in 1995. I was ...................


Taimoor A Tariq

taimoor a tariqWhen i look back, i can still feel the vibes of the days back in PISES. There were ups and there were downs, their were failures and there were successes, but one thing that i never let go was courage. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it ...

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Ali Arsalan Kazmi

ali arsalan kazmiI studied in PISES from 2004?-2009, completing my O levels and A levels from the institution. The experience has been rewarding as per my expectations, as I achieved a good result and developed a strong knowledge base in the British ....     

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Admissions Notice Session 2015-16

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PISES Pride Session June 2014

Marvelous Achievement of PISES Students Pakistan International School, English

Staff Hiring Public Notice

Reference to our advertisement in the newspaper regarding teaching staff requi




Pakistan International School

Welcome to Our Official Website!....

Thank you for visiting our website. This website will provide you better understanding of the life at PISES. Pakistan International School provides good quality modern education including a strong component of culture, inculcation of values, awareness of environment, understanding of citizenship and teachings of Islam.

Our student is our main concern!  The aim of the school is to ensure that each student achieves his / her potential.  The secure and nurturing environment of PISES, Riyadh is ideal for developing personality as well as practical skills.  We would like you to choose PISES for a wonderful start to your child’s academic life.  Whether your child is with us for a limited period or stays till the completion of his ‘A’ Levels, we extend our warm welcome to you and your child.

The years involved in a child’s mental as well as physical development require special planning and devotion and constitute the foundation of the child’s academic career as most of the basic concepts of learning are gained in these formative years. PISES understands its responsibility in this regard and focuses upon furnishing the child’s potentials in all areas.

Given that most of us are in Riyadh on a temporary basis, PISES aims to provide quality education away from home. In a foreign environment, the school aims to educate our children in a Pakistani setting to build the cultural and linguistic bonds so that our children grow up to be proud Pakistanis in addition to being competent and practicing Muslims.

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Edexcel Statement of Results June 2014

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